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DRH has its roots in the original local search engine… the Yellow Pages. As one of the oldest, most well-established Yellow Pages agencies in the world, DRH has been helping regional and national clients maximize their advertising investment for over 40 years. In fact, it was Donald R Harvey (that’s where we get the DRH from) who first established the National Yellow Pages Network for AT&T many years ago. He pioneered the way for what is today more than a $7 billion dollar industry. While the local search landscape is highly fragmented with consumers using many media to find local businesses, the Yellow Pages remain a highly-trafficked source of local leads. Very often, the Yellow Pages are where consumers go in their last mile of decision making and the medium provides an excellent opportunity to intercept prospects looking for a product or service. As such, it can be a critical source of leads and growth for many businesses, both large and small. Check out the research below to see if the Yellow Pages can help your business reach its target demographics.Yellow Pages

Internet Yellow Pages

Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) are a terrific source for consumers looking for deals, coupons, and ratings of local businesses. In fact, several of the IYPs rank within the webs top 50 web properties and that’s due to their ability to give consumers top quality local content. Whether you are a single or multi-location business, DRH can help your business rise to the top of search results across all major IYPs with a single point of contact. In addition to offering top placements, we install tracking services so you can easily determine cost-per-lead metrics. At DRH, we use proprietary software to help businesses identify appropriate directories that match the right geographies and we do rigorous business analysis to help you uncover categories/headings where consumers search for products and services.

DRH takes the guess-work out of Yellow Pages Advertising.

Additionally, we deliver:

  • High Impact, Custom Designed Ads that are bold and speak directly to your customer’s needs.
  • Call Tracking and PURLs allow businesses to measure all campaigns to determine exactly what the return on investment is for each ad. At DRH, we can put a different local call-tracking number in each ad to give you a detailed report of all calls and callers that come through a specific ad. And, we even record the calls so you can use them as quality-control with your in-bound call team. Additionally, we can place a PURL (Print Uniform Resource Locator) in each ad which will give us an accurate count of how much website activity the ads generate. Typically, research shows that for every phone call a print ad produces, it generates 2 digital activities!
  • Detailed Reporting that drills down individual ad performance by quantitative data such as number of calls, website visits, and an ROI factor based on historical data.This bottom-line effort brings you accountable Yellow Pages marketing. Moreover, we’ve been able to use this data to negotiate significantly better pricing from respective directory publishers for our advertisers.For current statistics on traffic based upon category/keywords/geography, please contact our business development team today at (800) 842-9002.



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